The International Certificate of Competence (ICC) is the minimum certificate required for free passage in and out of foreign harbours and is therefore the minimum required certificate that will allow you to skipper and charter a yacht.  The RYA will issue an ICC to the holder of a Day Skipper Practical Course Completion certificate, but if you don’t have one of those then we can assess you directly for an ICC.

The Assessment will take approximately half a day and will test your practical boat handling abilities plus your knowledge of the IRPCS, Navigation and Pilotage. The full syllabus for the ICC assessment is printed on the ICC application which can be downloaded from the RYA website.

For some pre-assessment study and reading we recommend the RYA’s ICC Handbook, written by our own Rob Gibson and available from the RYA website.


ICC assessment on your boat £150 (Plus £20 / additional person)

ICC assessment on our boat   £300 (Plus £50 / additional person)