Are you looking for a way to:

  • Spend Time with Customers?
  • Reward Your Employees?
  • Hold an Away Day that is Different?
Then, come sail with us.  We will provide a ‘hands on’ sailing experience that will give your delegates a taste of working as an effective team in a safe and enjoyable environment. Our skippers are skilled at involving all of the delegates without challenging them physically to ensure that they have a fun time and a great day on the water. You can be assured that the day will create bonds and memories that will be a talking point for years to come.

Our Corporate Sailing Days start with a briefing over coffee and pastries, followed by sailing with light instruction in Poole Bay. A buffet lunch will be taken in Studland Bay or Poole Harbour while moored to a buoy. More sailing in the afternoon, then a return to Poole Quay in the late afternoon. That will put you in the perfect place to continue your celebrations in one of the many local hostelries. If you take two yachts we can indulge in some light hearted competition between teams.

Most Corporate sailing is on our matched ‘First 40.7’ Yachts, Addiction and Sapphire, they are the perfect vehicle for groups of six to ten delegates per boat.

Price will vary depending on the group size and the hospitality package, but will start from £150 per person.