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RYA Sail Trim Handbook for Cruisers

  • RYA Sail Trim HandbookAuthor: Rob Gibson
  • Illustrator: Andrew Simpson
  • ISBN: 9781906435578
  • Product Code: G99

This truly exceptional book has been a hot seller since it first came out. And hardly surprisingly. It goes without saying that sailors depend mightily on their sails. Yet it's a sad fact that many don't get anything like the best out of them. In RYA Sail Trim for Cruisers, Rob Gibson demystifies the aerodynamic principles and then goes on to explain how the various controls can be used to maximum advantage in terms of both performance and comfort. This is followed by practical examples of how your sail plan's power can be optimised for different points of sailing and varying weather conditions.

Rig tuning, spinnaker handling, heavy weather tactics and much else besides is covered with great clarity. Even very experienced sailors will find something to learn from these pages.

What the press think of Sail Trim for Cruisers:

...An easy read and well illustrated.... Sailing Today, December 2010 - Recommended read

...If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well....and that’s particularly relevant to trimming, November 2010, Book of the Week

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RYA Introduction to Boat Handling for Sail and Power

  • RYA Boat Handling for Sail and PowerAuthor: Rob Gibson
  • Illustrations: Andrew Simpson
  • ISBN: 9781905104833
  • Product Code: G68

Are you tense and nervous when handling your boat in close quarters? Are you concerned about embarrassing yourself in front of your fellow sailors? This truly excellent book will restore your confidence by explaining how the natural forces – notably the stream, wind, and the boat's momentum – can trap you into getting things very wrong. Don't worry. It's not bad news. Rob then goes on to describe how, by using those same forces to your advantage, you can get it right every time.

The book starts with the basic principles but then moves on to describe how every situation should be appraised and analysed. Next, Rob takes you step-by-step through the various manoeuvres you should adopt to ensure a safe and decorous outcome.

Buy this book and deny your fellow sailors any entertainment at your expense!

What the press say about Boat Handling for Sail and Power

...The chapters on take-offs and landings are what makes this book essential reading... Practical Boat Owner, 2008

...This book is very well illustrated and provides plenty of valuable information to give confidence in boat handling afloat... Multihull Review, 2008

... an authoritative book, full of useful tips for novices and experienced sailors alike... Yachting Monthly, 2008

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RYA ICC Handbook

  • ICC HandbookAuthor: Rob Gibson
  • Illustrations:  Andrew Simpson
  • ISBN: 9781906435165
  • Product Code: G81

Most European countries require that recreational boaters hold the International Certificate of Competence (commonly known as the ICC) for navigating both the coastal and inland waterways.·

This new and updated edition of the RYA ICC Handbook is written as the official RYA course book to help both sail and power boaters pass the ICC test.

It explains the ICC in great detail – what it is, why it came about, who it applies to, and the requirements for all boaters to obtain one. The International Regulations to Prevent Collisions at Sea are briefly touched on, and the content of the ICC test is explained in depth.

...If you are considering a trip to mainland Europe this book is a must... James Stevens FRIN (RYA Training Manager and Chief Examiner

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RYA Racing for Yachts and Keelboats

  • RYA Racing for Yachts and KeelboatsAuthor: Rob Gibson
  • Illustrations: Andrew Simpson
  • ISBN: 9781906435790
  • Product Code: G107

If you’re interested in getting started in cruiser racing or looking for a deeper understanding of the basics, either as a Skipper or a member of the crew, then this new book by experienced racer Rob Gibson will guide you through everything you need to know.

Yacht-racing teams have places for people of all levels of skill, fitness, physical ability or disability, and age. Enthusiasm is the most important requirement! This book will enable you to combine keenness with knowledge of the role each member of the crew performs.

The chapters will take you through how to prepare to go racing, what to look out for when on the water and how to stay safe; key areas include: 

  • Getting Started
  • Preparation and Practice 
  • Starts, Marks and Finishes 
  • Keeping out of Trouble
  • Crew Roles - Foredeck Team, Bow, Mast and Pit 

Whether you’re a boat owner looking to get afloat more often or a novice looking for an exciting new hobby, then this is the book for you. See you at the start line!

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